About me

Viktoria Matt from Flirsch am Arlberg.
Me and my qualifications..

My Name is Vici (Viktoria Matt) and I’m from Flirsch in Tirol. As is typical for this area, I am very open-minded. Following my graduation from a secondary school for economic professions (five years including general qualification for university entrance) and after working in several companies, I have now turned my hobby into a profession.

My male Australian Shepherd Snow has taught me a lot about motivation, composure and communication. For me it is essential to treat dogs fairly, respectfully and positively, so that every dog feels comfortable and I can cater to the strengths of every one of them. They will be treated as if they were my own. The individual groups consist of no more than 4 mutually compatible conspecifics, and each dog will get the time and attention he or she needs. I love nature and am outside regardless of the weather conditions. I enjoy walking with the dogs and encouraging them. Composure and calmness in critical situations as well as reliability are very important to me.

I work exclusively via positive reinforcement, which means that your four-legged friend will not be subject to startle stimuli, rattling, jerking on the leash, water bottles, or other aversive stimuli.

Naturally, I constantly undergo further training to stay on top of learning theory. This is the only way to ensure professional care.


1,5 years of training at ‘Sanny Dogwalker Ausbildung’ 
following CUM CANE 

  • Learning behavior
  • Training via marker signals
  • Body language
  • Training with and in the dog group
  • Relaxation exercises for dogs and humans
  • Fear and aggressive behavior
  • Prey activity
  • Ethnogency
  • First aid for dogs

with Viviane Theby Module 1

  • Operant conditioning
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Training with secondary reinforcements
  • Distinction training
  • Reward points
  • Timing
  • Reward rate
  • Reward criteria
  • Target training

"Impulskontrolle bei leicht erregbaren Hunden"
with Viviane Theby and Stefan Pommerenke 

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"Weil es auch anders geht"
by Carolin Hoffmann